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Hi there – I’m Hilary. I am an writer, educator, life-long learner, former worrier (well, mostly former) and advocate for living a stress-free life. After many years of suffering with severe anxiety and OCD, I decided I needed to take a drastic step in changing my life.

In my moments of desperation to rid myself of the constant fear that anxiety brings, I have tried my fair share of cures. From scans, tests, and medications to meditation, energy alignments, and praying to anyone who would listen – I have found that you can’t put the fate of your mental health entirely in the hands of others. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix, no miracle cure. Ridding yourself of anxiety starts with a conscious decision to make a change in your life.

After a lot of  hard work and by the process of many eliminations, I want to share what I have found with those who have similar struggles or simply want to learn ways to remove unnecessary or irrational worries  from their lives. I have stood face to face with anxiety, puffed my chest, taken a deep breath, and roared at it. No more. Enough was enough. I could no longer live being afraid. Looking back on the person I was when I was paralyzed by fear, I am dedicated to finding new ways to stress less, do more, and empower many. Whether you suffer from an anxiety disorder, find yourself a little too worried from time to time, or want to find tools and connect with others to get empowered and inspired, I hope you can find something here that helps to bring peace and joy to this sometimes chaotic world.

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*Remember I am not a doctor and am in no way qualified to treat, diagnose, or prescribe any information or advice on the choices you should make in your life. I am simply here to share what has worked for me in hope that it may work for others. If you are struggling to cope with anxiety, depression, OCD, or any other mental illness, seeking professional has been proven to be beneficial.